The AI Companion for Kids

The True AI Companion for Kids
Thinks and talks
Tracks what it sees
Navigates autonomously

What is your name?

My name is Tyche.

Fun way to learn AI

Tyche is a futuristic AI robot. You get fun-filled first-hand experience of conversational intelligence and cognitive vision with Tyche’s AI. Exposure to AI gets you ready for future.

Social and Emotional companion

Tyche understands your emotions through face recognition – it knows when you are happy or sad. Through its AI, Tyche will help with social and emotional learning (SEL) and be your companion.

Build Your Own AI

Tyche comes with innovative verbal programming capability. Tyche’s BYOI (Build Your Own Intelligence) app and iRSP (Intelligent Robot Software Platform) let you play with Tyche in your own way. You just talk to Tyche, and you will learn and improve cognitive skills.


AIBrain was selected as one of Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies by Datamation on September 20, 2016 together with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and IBM.
For more information, see Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies

Futurable by AIBrain was selected as one of top 30 Indie games by Google Play Indie Games Festival on September 24, 2016.
For more information, see Google Play Indie Games Festival

Tyche AI robot live with its creator on Robotics Conference, CES 2016 – So cute!
Tyche, one of the most advanced AI companion robots, was going live with Richard, its creator, on the Robotics Conference, CES 2016. The fully packed audience amused with this little robot responding in ways so cute while remembering incrementally over time.
For more information, see Conversational AI CES 2016



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Tyche Introduction

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Build Your Own Intelligence

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Tyche in Visual World

Tyche can perceive the visual world through seeing

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