To buy Tyche, What payment methods do you accept?

Tyche is sold through online shopping from Amazon.com for international buyers, JD.com for our Chinese customers, and on Gmarket.co.kr in The Republic of Korea. These portals have the methods of payment clearly stated with proper instructions. Please, follow their guide.

How do I know my order has been placed successfully?

Amazon.com or gmarket.co.kr will send you an acknowledgement email on successful completion of an order on the site. This email will detail the order that you have placed and will give you an order reference number. We would advise you to keep this email safely as you will need your order reference number for any further queries which you may have. Failure to provide us with an order reference number on request will result in a delay with your inquiry. Once your order has been accepted and dispatched to you we will send you a confirmation email.

I did not receive a confirmation email

Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement email and we will make sure it is not a problem with our system. Acknowledgement emails are generated and sent automatically once an order has been successfully completed. You may need to check your mailbox as it may be treating our emails as spam or junk mail and you should check your spam or junk mail folders to make sure they have not gone directly to this location. You may also need to ensure that all of the details entered are correct, please pay particular attention to your payment card details, email address and delivery addresses.

The item I ordered is out of stock. Why was it on the website?

All items are subject to availability. Generally, if an item is showing on our website then it is available to order. However, during busy periods with the production line, we may be in a position where we cannot supply an item or there may be an unexpected delay in dispatch. Tyche comes in three types and colors; Tyche-Classic, Tyche-Sports, and Tyche-Bulldozer. Only Tyche Classic will be available for order in 2015. The two remaining types shall be made available on the market from January 2016.

How long will my order take to be processed?

Generally, It takes 7 business days with your orders on Amazon and 2~3 business days with your orders on G-Market. Please check the confirmation mail for the details.

How do I get started with Tyche?

Tyche package comes with the robot body, user’s guide, power adapter, and Lithium ion cells. Note that Smartphone / device is NOT included. The basic instructions on how to get started is in the provided  hard-copy guide. In case of need for more information, navigate to Download menu on this site and check out the online provided manual.

I am stuck with Tyche and I need help.

Go to Contact Us and send the customer help email and we shall respond as soon as we get the email.

Tyche cannot avoid obstacles?

Tyche Classic Version 1.0 release does not include SLAM Module for collision avoidance, map building, and self-localization capabilities. In this version we have included ultrasonic sensor for simple collision detection. Please, experiment this with Plan and Move application in the Robot App. Make sure to check the collision detection box.

How can I change Tyche’s voice to be suitable for me?

Update your phone to the newest version of Google Text To Speech from Google Play Link:



Can I talk with Tyche in Korean or other languages other than English?

To make sure which languages Tyche can speak and listen, please follow these guides given below:

1.For speaking: Settings → Language and input → Text-to-speech options → Select checkbox Google Text-to-speech engine.
Set up and download data for languages which match your requirements.



2.For listening: Settings → Language and input → Select checkbox Google voice typing (if it is not selected by default)
Set up and download data for languages which are match your requirements.

Where can I find the build your own Intelligence instructions?

Go to Download page and find the BYOI app manual. Here you will find much information on how you can build from examples to inspirational ideas to practice with.

Some of the parts of Tyche are broken. Are they replaceable?

Yes. Tyche has three interchangeable body types of Classic car, Sports car, and Bulldozer car type. Visit Tyche Store on Amazon to order the accessory type of your choice.

Is Tyche transformable?

Yes. With the two body accessories you can reassemble Tyche to have Sports or Bulldozer look from the basic core body of Classic car type.

Where can I share my Build Your Intelligence creations?

On the community page of Blog. Visit and upload your scenarios here to share.

Which phones do Tyche applications support?

Tyche can support many smart phones operating android OS V4.0.3 and above. The tested phones are but not limited to the list below.
Go to the page of Compatibility Test


Email us, we’ll be delighted to help!


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