Tyche : The Most Intelligent Robot Toy in the World!

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Price $249.95/Unit

Ships in May 2017

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Tyche : The Most Intelligent Robot Toy in the World

Tyche is your AI companion robot that can recognize you, listen, think, respond, and remember information almost like a human. You can add new skills to Tyche through intuitive verbal and visual programming. The more you interact with Tyche, the more it will learn and be your best friend!

Tyche is made with Kickstarter campaign $73K raised from 1,123 backers.

Tyche, award Winning AI robot, Featured in Media

Tyche and its company AIBrain have been featured in The Guardian, DataMation, InformationWeek, and other media.
Tyche received CES innovation award in 2014.
The Guardian recognized the value of Tyche at the CES: “This little robot is apparently the most intelligent smartphone robot in the world…” (The Guardian, 9 Jan 2014).


Social Intelligence


Tyche’s conversational skills make your robot interaction amazing. Tyche understands variety of emotions through face recognition – it knows when you are happy or sad. Communication with Tyche is thought provoking. Tyche is full of surprises, infinite possibilities, and never ending fun!



Conversation with Tyche stimulates the mind. Visual and Verbal programming helps you with STEM. Tyche’s iRSP platform lets you dig even deeper in terms of coding.



How did you come up with the idea for this product?

According to our survey of intelligent robots, parents’ primary goal is to help children’s cognitive and social development while they spend time at home and outside. This is how Tyche was born.

What makes your product special?

Tyche is the ultimate AI companion robot. Artificial intelligence, verbal and visual programming options to add new skills to the robot makes Tyche full of surprises!

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The purpose of AIBrain is to augment human intelligence with AI by unifying Problem Solving, Learning, and Memory. Tyche is our first product in this grand journey.

Additional Information
Weight :  805g
Dimension : 7.87*8.05*7.75 in
Supports iOS & Android phones
(Does not include the smartphone)