AIBrain’s AI Robot “TYCHE” official release in Korea

– AI robot for smartphone, natural English conversation, etc.

AIBrain, a subsidiary of CrossCert, on 21st announced that it will launch TYCHE 1.0, a smartphone AI robot, in Korean market through G-market and 11th Street.

Tyche is an AI robot for smartphones that allows natural conversation in English, helping children develop intelligence through sympathy.

It provides an AI secretary function to search and notify information and to manage schedules. It also supports AI entertainer functions such as music play, word chain game, and IQ training.

An AIBrain official said, “With the compulsory coding education of elementary and junior high schools starting from next year, the interest in coding software programs and devices is growing.”
Users can build their own programming through AI platform within Tyche and therefore it will play a role in improvement of creative reasoning in digital aspect and in education innovation. ”

According to AIBrain, Tyche is composed of reasoning engine, AICoRE(Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoning Engine) and a memory graph that operates similarly to human memory.

AICoRE is a cognitive reasoning engine that integrates problem solving ability and learning ability with features to process various knowledge like human being and to incrementally improve the ability.

Children with Tyche

Richard H. Shinn, CEO of AIBrain, said, “It is meaningful because it launches True AI products in domestic market. We plan to launch various AI products based on AICoRE that we have accumulated in developing Tyche.”

On the other hand, AIBrain is not only launching Tyche 1.0 in Korea but also preparing for global launch through Amazon and in Chinese market.
Along with Tyche, ‘Daisy’ an AI interactive English learning app, and Autonomy for Unity, an AI game development plug-in, will also be released.

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