“A Dollar for Tyche” Kickstarter Campaign for the Children of the Future.

Hi everyone,

Tyche wants to come out in the market soon as a truly intelligent companion for the children of the future.
With your help, we will make Tyche accessible to many children and their parents for hours of learning and entertainment.
With Tyche, the Smart Phone goes from a personal tool of isolation and disengagement and becomes an interactive member of the family.
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AI Tyche great start at Seoul National University

Tyche AI Beta Test ahead of its launching.
AI friend, Tyche met gifted engineering students at Seoul National University who are the future of science and had a fun fellowship time for 5 days.
There was a ‘Tyche v0.8 Beta Test’ program with students at Seoul National University from July 27th until 31st in the classroom #106 of the New Engineering Building ahead of launching Tyche; an AI robot which understands human language and acts, to the global market including the United States.
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Encounter with Tyche Captured my Dream in Life

This is a note written to the CEO of Bonavision, The Intelligent Robotic Company in South Korea and now established in Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, California. The CEO, Dr. Richard Shinn, in many of his businesses and the quest to transfer knowledge and leadership to the young, has started a Foundation for the young leaders of the future and ready to mentor them. It is through one of the three-week programs on Basic AI with Tyche where this young boy’s dream to become an engineer is rekindled. Below are his own words translated from the original language which is Korean.
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