This is a note written to the CEO of Bonavision, The Intelligent Robotic Company in South Korea and now established in Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, California. The CEO, Dr. Richard Shinn, in many of his businesses and the quest to transfer knowledge and leadership to the young, has started a Foundation for the young leaders of the future and ready to mentor them. It is through one of the three-week programs on Basic AI with Tyche where this young boy’s dream to become an engineer is rekindled. Below are his own words translated from the original language which is Korean.

Hello, my name is YunJun Kim, a 3rd grade at Sindorim Elementary school in Seoul.
The reason why I want to be a robotics engineer is that I became interested in robots after I saw a movie, Big Hero which featured the robot Baymax rescuing a city. I fell in love with Baymax after the movie and I even begged my mom to buy me a bag with a Baymax mascot. Now I have gained more interest and want to know more about the robots. These days I am very excited about science class at school.
Actually, I had not pushed hard on my dream because there are too many things to study in order to become the person whom adults usually expect you to be. I wasn’t even interested in English, Mathematics, or any other subject for that matter. All the subjects were very hard for me. But now I have a dream to create a robot such as Baymax. My dream is to be a robotics engineer like Dennis Hong (a Professor and Founding Director of Robotics & Mechanical Laboratory – UCLA). I know that I have to study hard to become a robotics engineer but I will do my best to achieve my goal.
I will have an opportunity to experience an AI robot, Tyche for the next 3 weeks. I like Baymax, but I think I will enjoy meeting Tyche as well and I am very excited about it.
I wish to meet a scientist mentor and if I could, I will be very happy to ask him or her about all the curious questions I have on robots.

And that is the dream of a young engineer in the making. With the programs we offer through the Young Leadership Future Foundation, Tyche becomes the door to endless opportunities in careers that range from scientific to responsible leaders. This is achieved by conducting basic and advanced Tyche AI programs and the peripheral technologies that complement it like Machine Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision for spatial sensory, and Problem solving through Planning. We hope that you too get inspired and take the challenge of becoming one of the global leaders in the intelligent cosmos.
For more, please drop by , to support Yunjun and other like minded young people.
Thank you.
Yunjun, Kim’s story told by,
Wilfred Odoyo,PhD.

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