AIBrain Tyche, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids, powered by AI and Advanced Robotics, featuring Speech Recognition, Machine Learning and Memory Graph

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  • Intelligent robot companion for kids powered by AI and advanced robotics
  • Tyche is much more than a toy robot: He recognizes people and is equipped with a dynamic memory
  • Tyche is fun yet highly sophisticated: Shape his individual personality through your interactions
  • Tyche is the ultimate educational robot toy for boys and girls 8 and up to play and learn with
  • Tyche is mobile: Living in your iOS or Android smartphone (not included), he moves around on the included toy car
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Product Description

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Tyche SmartPhone Robot, is uniquely designed to function intelligently by combining the power of your smart device and the sleek designed robot-car body. TYCHE, a companion for you to interact with instantly by customizing  the great features it offers to the taste of your liking bringing out your personality into a dynamic robot through the verbal instructions, avatar creation, emotion expressions, and access control through face recognition for owner identification.  A true companion you can talk to, walk with around your home and is equipped with natural language processing capability and advanced technologies incorporated into the camera for spatial sensory input for its reasoning about the environment and ease of movement. More than just fun with its engaging audio-visual applications, you can now jumpstart your programming skills and control of the robot with supported easy and simple drag and drop  functions.


The applications available for your download in the Google PlayTM and App Store.

The Guardian recognized the value of Tyche on January 9, 2014 at the CES:
“This little robot is apparently the most intelligent smartphone robot in the world and is capable of recognizing humans, hear and talk back, learn and solve problems autonomously.”

Children can learn and develop their cognitive skills while they think and interact with Tyche. Tyche is an artificial friend whom children can talk to in a fun way. Tyche is a great gift for the children who want to better express themselves by interacting with the world as well as with humans.


Product Description for Amazon:

Tyche is the most intelligent smart phone based toy robot for kids. Tyche is both playful and educational. Play interactive games, use your smart phone to remote control Tyches toy car, or use Tyche as a messenger.

While it is fun to play with Tyche, you must keep in mind that Tyche is much more than a toy: Tyche was designed to ASSIST, PROVIDE COMPANY and ENTERTAIN. Tyche enhances childrens cognitive and social skills through its engaging applications:

  • Tyche introduces the concept of AI to kids at an early age Tyche provides companionship through conversations
  • Tyche helps you remember your schedule
  • Tyche lets your children build their own artificial intelligence through a Do It Yourself oriented method, without the need for programming skills

What makes Tyche different from other toy robots or robot companions: Tyche is unique because it possesses a human-like memory that grows over time. Talk to Tyche about the world around you and it will learn and evolve. Tyche will respond to you better over time.

  • Tyche can remember: it has a human-like memory that grows over time
  • Tyche can think: it uses its own memory and the general knowledge of the world to reason
  • Tyche can hear: using the freely available Google and iOS SR, it listens to what you say
  • Tyche can talk: using the speakers ion your smart phone, it speaks in a human language

Tyche lives in a smart phone application inside your smart phone (iOS 10.1, Android 5.0 and up, smart phone not included). Tyche travels on top a robot kit equipped with Bluetooth and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance.


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