AIBrain Tyche AI Learning Robot for Kids

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  • A conversational agent directed towards achieving true AI capabilities
  • Intelligent robot able to learn who the owner is through self disclosure.
  • Builds its own memory of events and conversations through multi-modal spatial sensory including audio and visual perceptions
  • Reasons and solves problems via planning based on the episodic memory built.
  • Provision of open licensed robot control software program for implementation of individual creativity and intelligence.
  • Captivating social activity applications arising from the core technologies of language and visual fields
  • Open participation by developers to create robotics applications for future releases.
  • Autonomous Navigation (will be available in Tyche release version 1.0)
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Product Description


Tyche SmartPhone Robot, is uniquely designed to function intelligently by combining the power of your smart device and the sleek designed robot-car body. TYCHE, a companion for you to interact with instantly by customizing  the great features it offers to the taste of your liking bringing out your personality into a dynamic robot through the verbal instructions, avatar creation, emotion expressions, and access control through face recognition for owner identification.  A true companion you can talk to, walk with around your home and is equipped with natural language processing capability and advanced technologies incorporated into the camera for spatial sensory input for its reasoning about the environment and ease of movement. More than just fun with its engaging audio-visual applications, you can now jumpstart your programming skills and control of the robot with supported easy and simple drag and drop  functions.


The applications available for your download in the Google PlayTM and App Store.

The Guardian recognized the value of Tyche on January 9, 2014 at the CES:
“This little robot is apparently the most intelligent smartphone robot in the world and is capable of recognizing humans, hear and talk back, learn and solve problems autonomously.”

Children can learn and develop their cognitive skills while they think and interact with Tyche. Tyche is an artificial friend whom children can talk to in a fun way. Tyche is a great gift for the children who want to better express themselves by interacting with the world as well as with humans.