AIBrain Tyche Classic Car


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  • Intelligent robot companion for kids powered by AI and advanced robotics
  • Tyche is much more than a toy robot: He recognizes people and is equipped with a dynamic memory
  • Tyche is fun yet highly sophisticated: Shape his individual personality through your interactions
  • Tyche is the ultimate educational robot toy for boys and girls 8 and up to play and learn with
  • Tyche is mobile: Living in your iOS or Android smartphone (not included), he moves around on the included toy car
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Product Description

Meet Tyche. The First AI Companion with Social Intelligence. A CES Innovation award winner full of surprises, infinite possibilities, and never ending fun!

In the Media

CES Innovation
Award 2014

“This little robot is apparently the most intelligent smartphone robot in the world”

“AIBrain is among the Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies”

Key Features


Tyche is more than a toy! Visual and verbal programming expose your child to the wonderful world of artificial intelligence. With its unique BYOI (Build Your Own Intelligence) feature, you can create your own artificial intelligence without any coding skills!


Tyche lets you create a custom avatar. Using the sensors in your smartphone, Tyche can recognize faces, track balls and play games. You can even program a route for it to follow, and it can be remote controlled just like a toy car.


Because Tyche is mobile and because it can see, hear as well as remember, it has all the features it takes to be a highly interactive companion. The more you interact with Tyche, the smarter it will become.

Social Intelligence

Tyche’s conversational capabilities and its human-like memory are unique, making interactions with Tyche amazing.
Tyche is a companion who becomes smarter over time the more you interact with it.

Coding with Tyche

According to Microsoft, Artificial Intelligence will be the biggest disruptor in our lifetime. Tyche playfully introduces your child to AI by teaching simple concepts of AI programming and robotics


Build Your Own Intelligence lets you program Tyche: Tell it how to react or what to do in a certain event. Create your own artificial intelligence!

Machine Vision

Using the camera in your smart phone, Tyche can track balls and markers. It can also recognize faces and emotions.

Path Planning

You can program Tyche to drive along a certain path. Using the gyro sensor in your smartphone, Tyche detects collisions and avoids obstacles

Playing with Tyche

Interactive Games

Challenge Tyche to an interactive word game in which you have to create a word chain. Do you have what it takes to outsmart artificial intelligence?

Remote Controlled Toy Car

Control Tyche remotely from your smart phone! Using Bluetooth technology, you can also change gears and turn the headlights on and off, or race against your friends.

What makes Tyche Different?

Glad you asked! Unlike other toy robots, Tyche uses a human-like holistic reasoning engine to process, learn, solve problems, and memorize to produce its actions

Tyche can remember

Tyche has a human-like memory that grows over time

Tyche can hear

Using the freely available Google SR and iOS SR, Tyche listens to what you say

Tyche can think

Tyche uses its own memory and the general knowledge of the world to reason

Tyche can talk

Using the speakers in your smartphone, Tyche speaks in a human language

What’s in the Box?

  • Robot Kit with integrated Bluetooth and Ultrasonic Sensor for Object Avoidance
  • 6V Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack (1,300 mAh)
  • Battery Charger (Wall Plug Type)
  • Smartphone application compatible with iOS (10 and up) and Android (4.0 and up)
* Note: Smartphone not included
Global Certifications:
Tyche is perfectly safe to operate as he is certified in line with a variety of global standards including FCC, CE, CCC and KC