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Build your Own Intelligence

Talk with Tyche

Personal companion that talks, listens, thinks, and entertains you. This will let you personalize Tyche to your own liking. As the owner, you can give Tyche a name, tell it what you like and it will remember. You can register your face for recognition and social interaction. All you have to do is smile for Tyche to be happy.

Build Your Own Intelligence

This is an App and a powerful tool within Tyche that enables you to program and customize it.  Through different events provided, you can produce several actions. Brain development, robot control skills and social intelligence are enhanced through learning AI programs in Intelligent Robot Software Program (iRSP). Imagination, creativity, learning and having fun with Tyche is  guaranteed.

Autonomous Navigation

Autonomously self-localizing robot with object detection and collision avoidance capabilities. Using SLAM techniques, Tyche can build a map around its environment and know its position and orientation within it.

Vision Modules

Face detection and recognition, facial expression recognition, face tracking, ball tracking and marker following are all part of vision module. While face recognition is integrated in Talking Tyche and BYOI, ball and marker tracking are fun and easy to play around with. Make sure you are in either mode for Tyche to follow the ball or the  marker wherever it points.

Remote Communication

You can control and see what Tyche sees through another smartphone device. Change the mode to remote communication to use this mode. UI Control Movements (forward, backward, left and right), Voice Recognition, and Verbal Command (move forward, move backwards, turn left/right, stop) are just but some actions accomplished through natural language processing.

Plan and Move

On the provided UI, user draws a draft path by finger dragging, then Tyche moves on the plane surface along the path. Tyche turns at right-angle and will stop at the end of the path. There are two modes, Go and Go & Back. Go and back will let Tyche go to the end of the path, take a photo ,and come back to the origin. Settings allow user to detect collision and also to create path automatically with virtual objects for Tyche to avoid.